Care and healthcare

Starting from the ethical perspective of care, Melete projects and realizes researches that investigate the quality of life in healthcare contexts from the point of view of patients, workers, families ect…

Given the inevitable vulnerability and the constitutive relationality of the human condition, it is impossible to reach a good quality of life without receiving care. This is true in every field of experience and, even if as an answer to different needs according to the various phases of growth, it assumes a specific meaning inside healthcare contexts that make care to be their mission.

Nevertheless, in these contexts sometimes lacks a holistic and systemic vision of care that leads to focus only on some of the needs of patients, workers and families, neglecting some other essential ones, such as the emotional, relational and spiritual support. Everybody must feel to be the addresser of the best possible care.


Starting from this perspective, the Center proposes:

  • training paths dedicated to the professionals for the promotion and spread of the ethic of care in healthcare contexts;
  • projects of qualitative research of a participative kind to investigate the quality of life in healthcare institutions or the ethical dilemmas which the workers must face.