Care and politics

Melete aims at a mission of political kind: to search for the common good and contribute to realize it, under a transformative and participative perspective. The world of politics is living a deep crisis, a crisis that is evident even in the citizens’ attitude of distance and disaffection for the public thing. These are challenges that we cannot neglect, recognizing that, as human beings, we must aim together to a good life, with and for the others, inside right institutions.

Melete is inspired by the belief that it is time to start a cultural movement that gives a new impetus to the research for the common good, cultivating a spirituality that looks toward politics and a politics that nourishes itself of spirituality. The unavoidable duty of our time is to give form to a new humanism that finds its foundational center and vital nourishment in the ethics of care, declined as a care for the self, the other, the world and the institution.


Starting from this perspective, the Centre proposes:


  • training paths dedicated to politicians and administrators;
  • projects of training for the communitarian and political dimension;
  • projects of qualitative research of a participative kind to investigate the needs of citizens and, together, of the people engaged into politics, in order to improve the quality of the common life.