Care and training

Melete is engaged in the training of the future teachers and in service teachers (Teacher Education) with the aim to sustain the development of their professional skills, integrating them into a frame of strong transversal skills.

The perspective that orients the activity of the Center is the one according to which an efficient professional development of the teachers must go through the consolidation of the reflective skill, which is necessary  to acquire consciousness about one’s own educational and teaching practice. The reflection allows to investigate the cognitive, affective and relational dynamics that accompany the acting into the class, allowing the development of an experiential knowledge rooted into practice and useful for it. The teacher’s training is conceived inspired by the principle of service, meant as the involvement in an interprofessional community enlightened by the sense of responsibility and mutual sharing.


In the light of these elements, the Center proposes:


  • training paths for future teachers and in service teachers for the promotion of both professional and transversal skills, with particular reference to the reflective skills;
  • projects of educative research of a participative and transformative kind in school environment.